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Protect your system using cryptographic evidences.

System Security

EnactTrust is a TPM-based solution. It generates hardware evidences of the health of your software and system.


A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is already available in most computer systems - from laptops to servers. The TPM standard exists since 2009 as ISO/IEC 11889.

Data Aggregation

Easily connect from 1 to an unlimited number of systems to your account.


EnactTrust can easily connect to AWS, Azure and GCP cloud data ingestion pipelines or define a custom endpoint that you want the data sent to.

Our Story

Why use EnactTrust and its Remote Attestation?

Remote Attestation is a security process that allows systems changes to be detected. It relies on evidences generated inside a hardware security module that can not be tampered with. By verifying these evidences against the expected good state of your systems, we can detect security breaches early on and cut your reaction time to just minutes.

For example, you can use evidences about new system changes to protect your sensitive data or keep critical infrastructure operational. Once we alert you of a change, you would know that something's wrong and you need to revert your data to a previously known good state.

Big tech companies like Microsoft and Google are already using Remote Attestation on their servers and IoT devices.

Why TPM?

TPM 2.0 is a secure and tamper resistant crypto-processor that's also the most popular hardware security module in the world. It is widely available on modern laptops, desktop computers and servers.

We think everyone should have access to this state-of-the-art security solution. While others use and offer centralized solutions, we want our customers to have control and ownership of their security stack. If you have any questions, contact us at support@enacttrust.com

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About Us

EnactTrust is a product of DesignFirst.

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