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IoT Security Firmware and Cloud

We're offering an open source application that can be installed on ARM-based IoT devices and connected to the EnactTrust Security Cloud.

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Effective Protection

EnactTrust is a firmware agent that renders a whole class of exploits useless by attesting IoT devices at boot.

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Easy Integration

The firmware application can be easily installed on existing IoT ARM-based devices that support ARM TrustZone.

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No Overhead

EnactTrust has no significant impact on the device’s performance or power consumption.

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Cloud Connected

Use the EnactTrust Security Cloud to get notified immediately when EnactTrust detects a change in the device's health.

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EnactTrust can restore the device’s bootloader to a known good state if an unwanted change is detected.

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Become fully compliant with the new US and EU IoT cybersecurity regulations.

imageTeam Members

Svetlozar Kalchev

Founder & CEO

Dimitar Tomov

Founder & CTO
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